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Soft Washing Medicine Hat

Medicine Hat's Premium Soft Washing Service

Do you have a brick or stucco home? Are you aware brick and stucco can be damaged by high pressure? We’ve got just the service for your surface requiring a gentle approach. Our soft washing service will elevate your home exterior and leave it sparkling. No matter how dirty the surface, our team won’t stop until we have your home in pristine condition! Above all, we take the time to understand the task at hand. It’s important surfaces aren’t damaged during the cleaning process, and not every surface will respond well to high pressure only.

Medicine Hat is home to many aged or historical structures, and aged brick or wood surfaces can be extremely brittle. It’s here we employ a gentle wash and combination of household chemicals to remove dirt and elevate colors. Not all areas are high pressure safe, so let our team handle whatever you need with full peace of mind. Allow us the privilege of brightening up your surface the SurfacePro way.

What's bottle dash stucco?

No matter the surface, we have the equipment and expertise.

Often times, people believe that pressure washing can do more harm than good. The improper use of high pressure can cause permanent etching, but proper use of low pressure and household chemicals can elevate colors and textures. Our team of highly trained professionals can put your mind at ease. We’re trained to use the proper techniques to ensure your home gets the best clean without any risk to your exterior.

Whether you have vinyl siding, decorative brick, or stucco, our team can take your canvas and leave it a masterpiece. The adjacent image is an example of bottle dash stucco, and we see this type of exterior in many areas of Medicine Hat. This type of exterior finishing is extremely brittle. Mixed with crushed bottles and marble, very little abrasion can remove pieces easily. Our soft wash service is ideal for the removal of dirt without the risk of unnecessary damage.

Duradek and Composite Decking Cleaning

Is high pressure safe for my Duradek or composite decking?

These decking types require a skilled hand. It can be extremely easy to remove the pattern from Duradek or etch the surface of composite decking. These are costly and likely irreversible mistakes. In most cases, a gentle scrubbing and soft wash will remove the majority of locked in dirt. At SurfacePro, we can identify and address most problems homeowners experience.

If you’re cooking outside, grease stains can be common on your decking and glass. Mold or algae can be present where there’s moisture and heat regularly. Don’t fret! There’s a solution, and we can help! We have the equipment and expertise to address each problem area. Contact us for your free estimate today, but don’t wait! These problems become more difficult to address the longer they’re present.

Soft washing doesn't have to be expensive!

How much does soft washing cost?

At SurfacePro, we pride ourselves in giving you the highest quality product possible. We’ve created an extremely efficient process allowing us to offer you industry leading service times and pricing without sacrificing quality.

Our policies and procedures allow us to competitively price our services. We’re prepared to match or beat competitive estimates by up to 10%. We wish to fight for your business and leave you with the quality you deserve! Contact us today!

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