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Sidewalk Cleaning Medicine Hat

Give your surfaces a new look with our sidewalk cleaning service.

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Sidewalk Cleaning Medicine Hat

Medicine Hat's Premium Sidewalk Cleaning Service

Much like your driveway, the sidewalks around your home are constantly at work. This also means that your sidewalks are prone to the same deterioration as your driveway. Our specialists are trained to deep clean any type of surface, whether it’s a simple concrete pour walkway or a more decorative paving stone path.

Once your surface is thoroughly deep cleaned with our service, you may wish to protect it further using a high or low gloss seal. Sealing helps to prevent moisture infiltration, extending the lifetime of your asset greatly. Be sure to check out our “Concrete Sealing” page for more information on protecting your asset.

We're here to protect you and your asset.

Enhance your home with our sidewalk cleaning service.

Your walkways are some of the most prominent areas of your property. Over the course of its lifetime, the surface can become home to all manner of unwelcome detriments. Whether it be a build-up of dirt or scattered patches of mold and mildew, our sidewalk cleaning service has you covered.

With the use of a surfactant and water pressure, we’ll be able to remove even the most unsightly build-up of mold, mildew and dirt from your surfaces. Become the envy of your neighborhood with our sidewalk deep cleaning services today!

Residential and Commercial Sidewalk Cleaning Services

Affordable, Fast, and Friendly Sidewalk Cleaning Services

Sidewalk cleaning is a quick, simple way to take your business, or your home, to a whole new level of clean. The team at SurfacePro has tackled all manner of walkways, from residential paths to commercial entranceways. We’re equipped with industry leading tools to get your job done quickly, at no risk to your surfaces!

How much does sidewalk cleaning cost in Medicine Hat?

How much does our sidewalk cleaning service cost?

At SurfacePro, we pride ourselves in giving you the highest quality product possible. We’ve created an extremely efficient process allowing us to offer you industry leading service times and pricing without sacrificing quality.

Our policies and procedures allow us to competitively price our services. We’re prepared to match or beat competitive estimates by up to 10%. We wish to fight for your business and leave you with the quality you deserve! Contact us today!

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