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Pressure Washing Medicine Hat

Medicine Hat's Premium Pressure Washing Service

If you’re looking to have your house or flat areas cleaned, we’re your go to pressure washing team! 

Collectively, we’ve been serving Medicine Hat and area for a number of years, and we’re here to help you with your pressure washing needs. Admittedly, there really isn’t much we haven’t seen when it comes to getting something clean. Insects, oxidation, algae, dirt, and much more—we’re ready to tackle whatever job you can throw at our team!

Give us a call, request an estimate, and we will come and take a look at whatever cleaning solution your house needs today!

Your Pressure Washing Solution

Your house is safe with our pressure washing service.

We understand the concern! With high pressure comes the potential for high damage. How are you going to know if your project is in safe hands? Don’t worry; it’s what we’re here for! We’ve got our comprehensive battery of solutions to get everything on your property cleaned correctly. One of our main focuses for more fragile surfaces, such as stucco or aged brick, is to utilize our soft wash and cleaning surfactants. We let our products do most of the work so we don’t have to employ high pressure. Not all areas are high pressure safe, so let our team handle whatever you need with full peace of mind. 


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Residential Pressure Washing Solutions for Medicine Hat

Your Efficient Driveway Cleaning Team

We’ve quite possibly seen it all when it comes to driveway cleaning. We attempt to learn something new with each project but, when it comes to your oil spills, rust stains, dirt, and driveway grime, you want an experienced team. Fortunately, we have a series of surface cleaners designed specifically to get the job done! Put our pressure washing equipment to the test, and let us take care of your driveway today! 

What can be pressure washed?

So Many Options for Cleaning with our Pressure Washing Team

Dirt, algae, oxidation, debris, rust, oil, graffiti, and more! We’re here to help you with whatever you need to be cleaned off! Fortunately, there isn’t much our team hasn’t seen regarding whatever you need to be taken care of. Our outdoor residential experts are ready to serve you with whatever you need to be cleaned. Put our team to the test today, and contact us for a customized, free estimate. 



For all of your surfaces, our pressure washing surfactant is safe to use! Whether it’s vinyl, brick, or stucco, our solution is not going to harm your exterior. 

Plants may become harmed if they’re exposed to our pressure washing solution without rinsing. In order to greatly reduce or eliminate harm, we thoroughly rinse as we go.  

There are a number of variables our team considers before pressure washing your windows. Generally speaking, modern vinyl windows will handle direct pressure washing, but use discretion. Older windows may not handle direct pressure washing as well. Is the window frame wood, vinyl, or metal? Is the screen on the interior or exterior? Has the frame been painted or stained? Is the window seal in good condition? Is the glass cracked or chipped?

These are some variables we consider before pressure washing your windows prior to cleaning them professionally. The safety of your home is most important to us.

High water pressure can damage siding. Whether it’s vinyl, wood, brick, stucco, or metal, we choose a combination of the most effective chemicals and pressure to tackle your project without causing harm. Our experience and equipment allows us to perform your cleaning needs safely and professionally.

If you’re not careful, pressure washing can damage your concrete. Choosing the wrong tools can leave etching in your concrete that you’ll be frustrated with for years to come. We employ equipment and industry experience allowing us to perform deep cleaning tasks without causing costly and aesthetically irreversible damage.

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