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Driveway Sealing Medicine Hat

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Driveway Sealing Medicine Hat

Medicine Hat's Premium Driveway Sealing Service

Your concrete or asphalt surface is an asset! Medicine Hat experiences steep temperature fluctuations throughout the year, so protect your surface with our concrete or asphalt seal program. It doesn’t take much for modern asphalt or concrete to degrade in our climate. Lower quality materials combined with water infiltration and temperature fluctuations are the biggest contributing factors to your aging or degrading surface. Even if you haven’t noticed deterioration, that’s the best time to begin maintaining one of your home’s most valuable exterior assets.

We're here to protect you and your asset.

Driveway sealing is all in the preparation.

While spraying or rolling concrete or asphalt sealer can be a relatively simple task for the do-it-yourself individual, the success of your stain or seal project is dependent on quality preparation. We’ve equipped ourselves with industry specialized equipment and products to ensure your concrete or asphalt seal adheres properly. Our industry experience enables us to identify and treat problem areas prior to the stain or seal application. It’s this level of conscientiousness SurfacePro brings to each and every one of our services, and we believe it’s this attitude that truly sets us apart from the rest.

Residential or Commercial Driveway Sealing in Medicine Hat

Affordable, Fast, and Friendly Driveway Sealing

The adjacent image displays several steps in our refresh program. Here, after the surface has been deep cleaned and dried fully, we’ve applied our elastomeric caulk to this large crack. While some may say this concrete is ready for replacement, there’s work that can be done to improve its appearance and reduce further deterioration. With proper maintenance, most surfaces can far surpass their life expectancy. It’s not too late if you’ve got a cracked or pitted surface. The image below is the finished driveway stain and seal.

We believe in standing behind our work by offering our seal and refresh customers a conditional lifetime warranty! If you contract SurfacePro to clean and apply a maintenance application of sealer each year, we’ll warranty the seal’s effectiveness. Check out our “Warranties” page for additional information and to find out how we’ve built value into our service!

How much does driveway sealing cost in Medicine Hat?

What does driveway sealing cost in Medicine Hat?

We’ve built as much value as we can dream up into our asphalt and concrete seal programs, and we’re prepared to fight for your business by beating competitive estimates by 10%. We’ve purposefully kept our overhead low so that we can forward as much possible savings to you, and we’re able to do so without sacrificing quality.

For a fraction of the price of new concrete or asphalt, we’re able to refresh or seal your existing surface. We’ve built a simple warranty package and included as much value as possible without tiered monthly subscriptions. Be sure to check out our “Warranties” page!

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