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Driveway Cleaning Medicine Hat

Medicine Hat's Premium Driveway Cleaning Service

Your driveway is a workhorse. Whether it’s your vehicle, boat, trailer, it’s constantly being used. Unlike us, our driveways never get a break, so why not treat your driveway to a well deserved, hard earned deep cleaning? With our driveway cleaning service, our highly trained specialists can take your dirty, hard working surface and give it the spa day it justly deserves.

With your surface having been thoroughly deep cleaned, now is the time to protect it with a low or high gloss seal. Sealing prevents moisture infiltration, the primary culprit of driveway deterioration. Be sure to head over to our “Concrete Sealing” and “Asphalt Sealing” pages to learn more about how we protect surfaces from our harsh environment and regular wear and tear.

No matter the composition, we've got you covered!

Driveway cleaning is both safe and efficient.

No matter what kind of surface your drive is comprised of, we can get it cleaned quickly and safely. Whether you have a concrete pour, exposed aggregate, or paving stones, our team knows how to treat your surface with the professional touch it deserves.

Our team doesn’t utilize any harsh chemicals to bring your driveway back to life. Depending on the soil level, we may employ a mild surfactant to aid in the removal of any mold, mildew, or caked on dirt. Our surfactant, or surface acting agent, loosens the molecular bond between the surface and substance we’re attempting to remove. You can be assured that we’ll leave your driveway looking as clean as the day it was installed with our driveway cleaning service.

What uses does driveway cleaning have?

Driveway cleaning both protects and prepares!

You may be thinking, “What purpose could driveway cleaning possibly serve?” Well, for one, it helps in the upkeep of your home’s most used asset. Deep cleaning your driveway can remove built up dirt, mold and mildew, and rid the surface of salt accumulation from winter. Salt is one of the most harmful substances to make contact with your surface. Salt lowers the freezing point of water, leading to a repeated freeze-thaw cycle. Do not delay having your surface cleaned!

Our driveway cleaning service is multi-faceted! It is used to prepare surfaces for other projects, such as our “Concrete Sealing” and “Asphalt Sealing” services.

Affordable, friendly and quality driveway cleaning service!

How much does driveway cleaning service cost?

At SurfacePro, we pride ourselves in giving you the highest quality product possible. We’ve created an extremely efficient process allowing us to offer you industry leading service times and pricing without sacrificing quality.

Our policies and procedures allow us to competitively price our services. We’re prepared to match or beat competitive estimates by up to 10%. We wish to fight for your business and leave you with the quality you deserve! Contact us today!

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